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Installation of ductile iron pipe

May 15, 2024

How to install the ductile iron pipes? Hope following news can help you .
Normally, there are six step to finish installation:
Clean the socket and spigot →Clean the rubber ring→Install the rubber ring to the socket end of pipe→Brush the lubricant on the outsurface of Pipe spigot end and rubber ring→Push the pipe to insert into the socket →check
Clean the socket: Remove all debris from the socket;

Clean and install the rubber ring:
Clean the adhesive on the rubber ring, bend the rubber ring into a plum shape or 8 shape and install into the socket end. press the entire rubber ring once  by hand or tamp it with a rubber mallet to ensure that each part of the rubber ring is not wraped or twisted and is evenly caught in the groove;

Brush the lubricant to the outer surface of spigot end and the rubber ring:
Brush the lubricant evenly on the inner surface of the rubber ring  installed on the socket.And brush the entire spigot outside.

Picture showings as following:


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